Durability Service

Networking and Durability Warnings and what they mean

Lack of privileges The following two types of warnings occur because the user which is running OpenSplice does not have the privileges to set the scheduling priority of the networking process and it’s threads to realtime. Description : sched_setscheduler failed with error 1 (Operation not permitted) for process ‘networking’ Description : pthread_create failed with SCHED_FIFO […]

Tweaking durability service performance

About the durability service The durability service is one of the services that can be configured when deploying a federation. At most, one durability service can be configured per federation. However, since a system typically consists of multiple federations, multiple durability services may be deployed in a single system. The durability service has two main […]

OpenSplice Durability User Questions

This article contains some user submitted OpenSplice durability service questions that may prove useful to others. See the OpenSplice documentation for more information. [cmtoc_table_of_contents] Using¬†persistent¬†durability, the Durability Service does not start correctly. Type : WARNING Context : DurabilityService File : ../../code/d_groupLocalListener.c Line : 727 Code : 0 Description : Persistency not enabled! Node : ACER […]