RT Networking

What are the differences in the Networking Services in OpenSplice?

First we need to distinguish between the (Apache license 2 based) open-source Community Edition (CE) and the commercially supported version of OpenSplice; The Community-edition only includes our DDSI implementation (implementing the OMG-DDSI rev2.2 specification) i.e., that assures interoperability with other DDS-vendors based on the standardized OMG-DDSI (also called ‘RTPS’) protocol.   The DDSI protocol is […]

OpenSplice DDS and Wireshark

Wireshark (https://www.wireshark.org/ ) is a widely used network protocol analyser and can be used to view DDS network traffic. OpenSplice DDS supports two different pluggable network services. These are: Standard DDSI2 (RTPS) protocol Proprietary native networking (RTNetworking) protocol Standard DDSI2 (RTPS) protocol If you are using the standard DDSI2 (RTPS) protocol, Wireshark already supports this […]