OpenSplice Tuner

Java JRE for Tester and Tuner

What JRE implementations do Tester and Tuner work with? Our build servers build with either Oracle JDK 8 or OpenJDK 8 builds so these are the standard JRE implementations used for Tester and Tuner. Is DDS consistent with Zulu JRE 8 implementation ? Zulu 8 is a TCK certified build of OpenJDK 8. As such, […]

OpenSplice Tuner FAQ’s

Several common OpenSplice Tuner problems can be resolved by looking through the User Guide, which can be found here: OpenSplice v6 Guide (pdf | html) OpenSplice v7 Guide (pdf | html) When using the OpenSplice Tuner you may run into some of the following errors: Could not load JNI library error. Could not load JNI […]

Cannot see Tuner on CentOS using remove desktop

When using the remote desktop application xrdp there is sometimes a problem seeing the windows in Tuner. Changing the window size does not change anything either. This is due to a combination of the Java gui that Tuner uses and xrdp. To fix the problem the depth setting for xrdp needs to change.   edit […]

Gathering OpenSplice statistics

When you are developing a DDS system you may want to gather OpenSplice statistics to help you tune the system. This article explains how to do this. Various statistics can be generated by OpenSplice. These will help you analyse and tune application behaviour while you are developing the system. By default statistics are not enabled. […]

Getting started with OpenSplice Tuner

Getting started with OpenSplice Tuner This video shows you how to run and preview the interactive features of the OpenSplice Tuner with an OpenSplice Domain. This will allow you to easily interact with your OpenSplice DDS entities to view them, test with them and even create entire scripted test scenarios based on them. This is […]

What is OpenSplice Tuner?

What is OpenSplice Tuner? A powerful deployment tool within the OpenSplice product suite, this tool offers total control over a deployed OpenSplice DDS system from any local or remote platform that supports the Java language. The 100% Java based OpenSplice Tuner Tool greatly aids the design, implementation, test and maintenance of OpenSplice based distributed systems. […]

How can I import and export the topic data used in the OpenSplice Tuner?

I would like to import and export the topic data used in the OpenSplice Tuner. How can I do this? How can I import and export the topic data used in the OpenSplice Tuner In addition to injecting and consuming data, OpenSplice Tuner also provides facilities to export information from OpenSplice to a file on […]